"Work at it with all your heart."


Did you hear?  WE NOW OFFER CHILDCARE DURING YOUR WORKOUTS!  Affordable, indoors, safe, and fun.  

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Who We Are

Officially opened in January 2013, FLEX 323 is a co-ed fitness group. We are a husband/wife team proud to offer personal training and group fitness in a studio that allows us to serve our clients well.  We continue to offer the popular 5AM bootcamp-style/strength class Monday thru Thursday and have late afternoon and evening opportunities M-W, weekend classes, spin classes, Les Mills class formats, and personal training options!  Your trainers will design creative workouts using dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, heavier equipment options, and more.  Upon registration, you will choose your ideal training options and desired number of classes for the 4 week long training period.  We recommend most people exercise 5 days/week and we're confident we can meet your needs with close to 70 classes offered each month.  So sign-up, set a goal, be consistent, and prepare to see results!

Now incorporating Les Mills workouts in our studio!  The Les Mills mission statement goes along with what our mission is at FLEX 323: They're "on a mission to create a fitter planet.  This doesn't mean making people work out.  It means helping people fall in love with fitness so that they want to workout out."

What a great complement this choreographed program will be for us.  These are safe, effective, well-studied workouts led by certified and trained instructors!