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CLASS SCHEDULE (subject to change):

M- 5AM bootcamp, 5:55 BodyPump, 
4:30PM BodyCombat, 5:45 bootcamp
T- 5AM bootcamp, 
5PM CXWORX, 5:35 spin, 6:15 bootcamp
W- 5AM bootcamp, 5:55AM BodyCombat, 
4:30PM BodyPump, 5:45PM bootcamp
Th- 5AM and 8:30AM bootcamp
F- (1/3) 5AM spin, (2) 5AM and 5:50AM spin
Sat- (1) 8AM BodyCombat, (2) 7:45AM BodyCombat,/8:30 CXWORX, (3) 7:45AM BodyPump/8:30 CX 
Sun- (1/3) 2PM Spin/2:50 CXWORX

One-on-one and small group personal training sessions available by appointment in 30 and 60-minute increments.
We offer measurements at no charge and personalized meal plans can be purchased as well.

How Do Sign Ups Work?

If you click on the link above and don't see the class you're looking for, then it isn't time for sign ups!

There are 8 bikes available and 9 Pump bars available, then you'll be on the wait list when all spots are claimed.  If a spot opens up, you'll receive a text or email and have 10 minutes to confirm you want the spot.

In the event you have to cancel your "appointment" with me, please do so by the times listed below.  Otherwise, there will be a charge.

*Reservations open at 1PM the day before for next day morning classes and 5PM the day before for next day evening classes. 

The exception is sign ups begin Sunday at 8AM for the 2PM spin that same day (please cancel by 12:30 if needed!) 

Cancellations to be done by 4PM for evening classes that day and Cancellations to be done by 7PM for next day morning classes.

Still have questions?  Contact me.